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Fees overview: service fees
Fees overview: service fees
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Basic information on service fees:

  • Transfers to EXANTE are not charged from the side of EXANTE

  • No fees for transfers between your own accounts and subaccounts within EXANTE

  • You can use leverage when trading with EXANTE for free (available by default)

  • FIX API and HTTP API connection is provided for free (available to clients with at least 50,000 EUR or equivalent in deposit)

Having an account with EXANTE is always free - regardless of funds added and instruments used. However, EXANTE may charge various commissions for specific actions, as stated below.


Applied rate

Conditions for application

50 EUR/GBP per month

An inactivity fee of 50 EUR per month will be charged to your trading account if it has a positive balance of less than EUR 5,000, has no open positions and no active orders, and if you haven’t performed any trades for the past 90 days (3 months). The inactivity fee will be charged upon the lapse of 90 days (3 months) from the last trade transaction date.

Note! Inactivity fee is charged for each user NOT each subaccount held.

Example: You have 6,000 EUR/GBP cash on your subaccount ABC1234.001 and 2,000 EUR/GBP, no open positions and no trades within the last 6 months on subaccount ABC1234.002 - In this situation, you won't be charged a fee.

30 EUR/GBP or an equivalent per transaction

This fee applies every time you withdraw funds from your EXANTE trading account and depends on the withdrawal currency. This fee can sometimes be higher during the settlement depending on the bank you use.

Deposit fee


EXANTE has no deposit fee.


We do not charge margin trading fees while you keep Margin Utilisation below 100%.

In case you exceed 100% of the margin, there is a fee equivalent to 100% p.a. on the exceeded value (charged per day).

As soon as Margin Utilisation in an account exceeds 100%, Margin Call e-mail titled "Urgent: Margin Call *AccountId*" is sent to you, warning about the exposure and requesting the coverage of the margin call as soon as possible.

You should also note that EXANTE reserves the right to reduce positions in your account without further warning in case the demand from the email was not met from your side.

  • The fee for manual execution (close out) in case of a margin call is 90 EUR/GBP

~12% of transaction

The default rate for easy-to-borrow stocks is 12%, albeit this can change depending on the market situation.


The fee applies for voice trading in case you place phone/email orders.

That fee is charged if the instrument is available for trading in the online platform.


Applied by the issuing exchange. More information is available in Fees overview: Exchange-imposed fees or in the Client’s Area


All up-to-date overnight fees for short trades and FX can be found in the Client's Area. All other instruments are not subject to overnight fees.


Interest applies as a fee for holding negative positions in cash. The size of the interest depends on the currency of the position and can be examined in the Client's Area.

Custody fee

0.3% annually

Custodial fee applies to bonds and is charged in a similar manner as overnight fees.

Note! Although EXANTE does not charge any fees for clients’ deposits, keep in mind that some charges may arise before the money reaches your EXANTE account. These charges may be applied by an issuing, intermediary and/or beneficiary bank that processes wire transfers. Please contact your bank if you are unclear about transfer costs.

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