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Withdrawal fee

This article provides detailed information about withdrawal fees for both cash and securities.

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What are the commissions for withdrawals via wire transfer at EXANTE?

EXANTE applies one of the two commissions for withdrawals:

  • standard (minimum)

  • non-standard (maximum).

The standard (minimum) commission is 30 EUR/GBP.

The non-standard (maximum) commission is either 0.9% or 30 EUR/GBP, whichever is higher.

For example:

1. You are withdrawing 1,000 EUR/GBP.

0.9% of 1,000 = 9 EUR/GBP, which is less than 30 EUR/GBP.

In this case, we apply the maximum commission of 30 EUR/GBP.

2. You are withdrawing 10,000 EUR/GBP.

0.9% of 10,000 = 90 EUR/GBP, which is over 30 EUR/GBP.

In this case, we apply the maximum commission of 90 EUR/GBP.

When will the non-standard commission be applied?

The non-standard commission is applied if BOTH of the following conditions are met:

  • You funded the account with a securities transfer, not a cash transfer.

  • You either did not execute any trades, completed only a few formal/nominal trades, or traded solely to liquidate transferred securities and withdraw the cash.

If you fund the account with cash and decide to withdraw the funds immediately without trading, the commission will amount to 30 EUR/GBP regardless of the sum withdrawn.

What is the commission for withdrawing securities?

The outbound securities transfer fee is 150 EUR/GBP per ISIN.

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