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Withdraw Funds
Withdraw money from your account
Withdraw money from your account
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The only option to withdraw funds is through a bank transfer, as it’s the most secure way to withdraw significant amounts of money. Withdrawal of funds directly to a credit card is not supported.

Funds are withdrawn directly to the holder’s account in EXANTE, from which you previously added money to your account. Exceptions are possible in the case:

  • The client closed the bank account from which the funds were transferred initially (and there is documentary evidence of it).

  • The bank where the EXANTE account holder performed the initial transfer was closed.

  • The client confirms the need to transfer funds to another bank account belonging to him, providing the necessary documents.

You can withdraw money from your EXANTE account in a few simple steps:

1. Log into the Client’s Area.

2. Navigate to the Account tab and select Transfers.


3. Specify the amount you’d like to withdraw or take out all of your funds. If you have any open positions, you’ll see a warning message reminding you to close them first.


4. Choose any available currency. The basic EXANTE account allows withdrawal in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CZK, and PLN. Multi-currency balances will automatically convert to a single withdrawal currency if you previously added money to your account in cash (not asset transfer). You can also change the currency of your funds directly on the EXANTE platform.

5. Fill out the withdrawal form and press Send withdrawal request.

6. To confirm your withdrawal request, we’ll either ask you to use two-step authentication (Google Authenticator) or send an SMS code to the contact phone number you entered. If the code is correct, a message will appear at the top of the screen.

It usually takes one business day to approve a withdrawal request. However, bank processing may take up to five business days and require additional fees, which EXANTE does not determine.

Note! The withdrawal commission is 30 EUR/GBP or an equivalent based on the withdrawal currency. In case of insufficient funds, the commission will be deducted from the withdrawn amount.

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