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Buy bonds and use them as collateral for trading
Buy bonds and use them as collateral for trading
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You can use a percentage of certain bonds held on the EXANTE account as collateral to trade other securities. You can also use spare collateral for IPO pre-subscriptions.

This applies to bonds purchased directly via EXANTE or transferred by clients to their accounts from another financial institution.

The percentage rate varies based on:

  • Bond type

  • Rating

  • Duration (Expiry Date)

Please find the Initial rates for specific bonds on the EXANTE desktop platform in the Instrument Info of any given bond, next to Leverage Rate:

  • Right-click on a chosen instrument in the list of Instruments

  • Choose Instrument Info

The leverage rate calculated in percentage points represents how much of the bond value cannot be used as collateral for trading other securities.

There is no fee for using bonds as collateral, yet we charge standard bond trading fees. We shall also charge an interest in case of any excess margin usage or negative cash balance.

The standard bond trading rates are:

  • Custody rate. Normally is equal to 0.3% of the bond value. This is an annual rate charged daily. It’s displayed as Overnight Rate in Instrument Info. If this fee applies, the client will see the charge in the Transactions report as Custody Fee.

  • Trading fee: 0.09% (of deal value). This applies if you buy the bond at EXANTE rather than transfer it from another financial institution.

  • The minimum fee is 50 USD per deal (not applicable to MOEX bonds traded on the platform).

  • No specific fees for Voice trading are applied with regard to Bonds.

Find more on the EXANTE service fees here.

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