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What is buying on margin ?
Updated over a week ago

Buying on margin involves purchasing an asset using leverage, which means borrowing the cash balance from a bank or broker.

This allows you to invest in more assets than you could with your funds alone, enabling portfolio diversification and potentially increasing short-term investment returns. However, it's important to note that higher returns come with added risk.

EXANTE provides a margin trading account by default, allowing you to trade FX currencies, stocks, ETFs, bonds, and CFDs with leverage. Futures and options are subject to securities exchange margin requirements and do not offer leverage, and funds cannot be traded on leverage either.

Margin charges for contracts traded on specific exchanges are set by those exchanges. Additionally, EXANTE reserves the right to charge margins above or below exchange rates for particular contracts based on market conditions.

You can always check the leverage for a particular instrument in your desktop platform's 'Instrument Info' module.

If you are eager to change the leverage rate of a particular instrument, please contact your Account Manager.

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