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Fee for margin trading
Fee for margin trading
Updated over a week ago

We do not charge margin-trading fees per se. You can trade with leverage as long as you keep Margin Utilisation below 100%.

In case you exceed 100% of the margin, there is a fee equivalent to 100% p.a. on the exceeded value charged daily.

As soon as Margin Utilisation in an account exceeds 100%, a Margin Call email titled Urgent: Margin Call *AccountID* is sent to you, warning about the exposure and requesting the coverage of the margin call as soon as possible.

To reduce margin utilisation, we might close your positions manually without further warning in case the demand from the email was not met from your side. The fee for manual execution in case of a margin call is 90 EUR/GBP.

The fees for exceeding the margin are set for each margin call occurred and are charged daily. The fees for the upcoming weekends are charged on the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

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