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Fee for manual execution
Fee for manual execution
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The fee for placing an email order is 90 EUR/GBP.

That fee is charged if the instrument is tradable via the EXANTE platform.

To place a mail order, please contact [email protected] from the registered email address. The message should contain the following:

  • Instrument name

  • Order side

  • Order type

  • Quantity

  • Price at which to make a trade

  • Client's account number

There are several instruments which require manual execution. They are provided on the platform in view-only mode:

  1. OTC instruments (ticker: .OTCMKTS).

  2. Frankfurt Stock Exchange instruments (ticker: .FWB)

  3. London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market (ticker: LSEAIM)

  4. Bonds (except for MOEX and several other markets)

Execution of mail orders for these instruments is free of the manual execution fee.

The fee of 90 EUR/GBP is also charged when EXANTE performs a close-out of the open positions in case of a Margin Call.

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