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In order to manage your access to real-time market data and CME/ICE/CBOE exchanges, you need to visit the Settings page in your Client's Area.

Market data

By default, you receive free real-time market data on some of the exchanges. Other exchanges provide free market data only with a 30-minute delay. You have the opportunity to subscribe to real-time data with all of the exchanges, yet the costs differ from one exchange to the next.

Note! When buying or selling an instrument, prices are incurred in real-time values.

Exchanges not listed below have real-time market data free of charge. Otherwise, the following fees apply:


Retail Fee

Professional Fee


$ 10 / month

$ 105 / month


$ 10 / month

$ 105 / month


$ 10 / month

$ 105 / month


$ 10 / month

$ 105 / month


11.90 EUR / month

54.90 EUR / month


4.90 EUR / month

64.90 EUR / month


$ 1 / month

$ 24 / month

CBOE Options

$ 1.25 / month

$ 31.50 / month

NYSE (including ARCA)

$ 1 / month

$ 27 / month


$ 1 / month

$ 23 / month

ICE Europe Financials

$ 110 / month

$ 110 / month

ICE Europe Commodities

$ 125 / month

$ 125 / month


$ 110 / month

$ 110 / month

LSE Main section

4.10 GBP / month

46.68 GBP / month


2.05 GBP / month

25.09 GBP / month


2.05 GBP / month

26.14 GBP / month

HKEX Stocks

200 HKD / month

200 HKD / month

HKEX Derivatives

75 HKD / month

75 HKD / month


1.73 EUR / month

70.25 EUR / month

Euronext Equity and Index Derivatives

1.73 EUR / month

17.60 EUR / month

Euronext Commodity Derivatives

1.73 EUR / month

7.20 EUR / month


6 CHF / month

25 CHF / month

Note! The cost for real-time feed depends on the client's categorisation as per exchanges' categorisation (not the categorization of the client at Exante). Depending on the client's trading experience and ability to take serious trading risks, Exante determines whether the client is a retail investor or a professional trader, however, if the exchange has different categorization criteria - the cost will be applied according to their procedure.

Find out more about other exchange-imposed fees.

Manage your subscriptions

In order to obtain access to real-time market data, you can manage your subscriptions from the Settings page on your Client's Area. You can toggle the information you want to receive under the Subscriptions tab.

Note! The subscription fee applies for the entire month, even if the subscription has not been used for the entire period. It is charged at the moment the toggle is activated, so if it is activated by accident, you will still incur a fee.


CME/ICE/CBOE exchanges

By default our clients are not provided access to CME/ICE/CBOE exchanges - it is provided only after additional internal KYC examinations. In order to acquire this access, all you have to do is activate the toggle, which will automatically pass the message to our customer support. When that has been done and if all documents are in order, within 1 working day the client will receive the requested access.

Conditions that have to be met in order to receive access to CME/ICE/CBOE exchanges:

  1. Margin trading is turned ON

  2. You have more than 5,000 EUR or equivalent on your account

Access to trading is FREE. No additional fees are applied.

Note! Activating the toggle won't provide you with quotes for CME exchange. You will receive access only to trading. In order to activate quotes, you still have to activate the paid Subscription below or via the platform.

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