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Short selling: cost and procedure
Short selling: cost and procedure
Updated over a week ago

Short selling is available for liquid instruments that either have a predefined limit or comply with the daily “locate” requirement for sufficient liquidity.

You can see whether an instrument is available for short selling:

  • On the EXANTE desktop platform: Click Instruments on the top toolbar, right click on the chosen instrument and select Instrument Info.

  • In the Client’s Area: Click Terms on the top toolbar and choose Short Allowance Status.

Trade limit and leverage rates depend on the instrument, clients' trading strategy and current market conditions. The default rate is 12% for easy-to-borrow stocks for all clients, albeit this can change depending on the market situation.

Important: Need to open a short position for a hard-to-borrow stock? Please contact [email protected] to inquire about the potential rate and availability.

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