Trading without leverage
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To disable leverage on your account, go to “Settings” → “Account Settings” in the Client’s Area → toggle the “Margin trading switch”

Keep in mind that non-margin accounts (accounts with disabled “Margin Trading”) are prohibited from:

  • Futures and Options trading

  • Short selling stocks

Alternatively, you can open a secondary sub-account as a backup to trade these instruments with leverage.

Note: trading without margin means you cannot borrow funds from the broker to place orders. However, you will still see changes in the margin utilization rate in your account, as it indicates the amount of cash used for trading.

In this situation, all the positions will be opened with a 1:1 leverage rate.

For example:

Account value: 10,000 USD

Value of purchased stocks: 5,000 USD (“Estimated Margin” = 5,000 USD)

Margin Utilisation rate: 50%.

Please be aware that trading without leverage doesn't prevent the chance of having a negative cash balance in currencies. This can happen if you trade an instrument in a currency you don't currently have in your account. To avoid interest charges, ensure timely currency conversion or enable automatic conversion from your Client's Area.

Note that trading without leverage isn't an option for Demo accounts.

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