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'Close only' mode

This article provides information about the "Close-only" mode, conditions, and what actions are allowed while in this mode.

Updated over a week ago

What is the “Close-only” mode?

The "Close-only" mode is a special setting to prevent potential losses. When activated, clients can only close previously opened positions and cannot open new ones. EXANTE automatically switches your account to "Close-only" mode whenever your total multi-currency balance drops below 5,000 EUR or in its equivalent in another currency. This rule applies to all subaccounts as well. The "Close-only" mode turns on and off automatically. While in this mode, you cannot place new trades but can still close positions and withdraw funds.

How to return the possibility of opening new positions when your account is in the “Close-only” mode?

To regain the ability to open new positions, you need to fund your balance above 5,000 EUR or its equivalent in another currency.

Additionally, accounts in "Close-only" mode retain the ability to convert currencies via the "Account Summary" module on the EXANTE desktop platform.

How do I withdraw funds in the “Close-only” mode?

You can withdraw available funds by accessing the Transfer module of the Client's Area and selecting the "All funds" tab. However, you can only withdraw all funds from your account after having closed all positions.

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