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Close a trading account
Close a trading account
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Closing a LIVE account

Follow these simple steps to close your trading account:

1. Close all open positions by clicking on Open Positions in the top toolbar, pressing Close Position, the red cross next to the position you wish to close or Cancel and Close All.

Note! Your position can't be closed this way if it exceeds 100K. Please place an order as described below:


You can alternatively use modules Order and Click Trade to close the existing positions.

2. Make sure you converted the currencies available on your account so that the account is free of any negative cash positions.

3. Submit a withdrawal request for any remaining funds.

4. Contact your Account Manager or our Support Team to request an account closure.

If you'd like to transfer your open positions to an account at some other institution, please contact your Account Manager for assistance.

Closing a DEMO account

If you want to close the DEMO account, use the Settings section in your Client's area.

  1. Click Settings from the top toolbar.

  2. Find the Owner Details window.

  3. Click on the Edit button.

  4. Choose Delete account in the menu.


Also, please get in touch with the Support Team and let us know how we can improve your user experience.

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