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Access your account reports
Access your account reports
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You can keep track of your account in multiple ways.

Client's Area

Visit your Client's Area on the EXANTE website and go to the Reports tab.

The Reports module in the Client’s Area allows you to set up periodic reports that are sent out to your registered email daily or monthly in either PDF or CSV format. You can also set custom reports and see all generated reports in a separate tab.

Client’s Area provides access to:

  • Account Summary

  • Margin Structure

  • Financial Transactions

  • Trades

  • Reports

  • Account Performance Report

  • Commissions Report

  • Overnights Report

  • Short Allowance Report

Desktop platform

By clicking the Summary tab on the top toolbar, you can access the same information in the desktop trading platform.

On the desktop platform, you can access:

  • Summary

  • Portfolio

  • Margin Structure

  • Orders

  • Trade Blotter

  • Accounts Report

EXANTE mobile application

You can also obtain an overview from the EXANTE mobile application. Tap Summary in the bottom left corner of the application.


Summary Reports in the Client’s Area, desktop platform and mobile applications show the account status as well as instrument quantity and value. You can download the report from the Client's Area.

Financial Transactions and Trades allow you to check all respective operations on the account. If you require a downloadable Excel report, you can find it in the Client's Area. Should you request a longer period of transaction history, the file will emerge in the Custom Reports section once ready for download.

Account Performance Report is a special area where you can follow infographics on your account success on a periodic basis.

Margin Report in the Desktop platform allows you to follow the changes in your Margin utilization level with regard to the assets held on the account.

In case you use the Demo area, you can reach Account Reports only via the Desktop platform. Client's Area Reports module is available only for clients with access to LIVE trading.

Please note that Account Summary calculates the P&L based on the last mid price. If your tax authorities require an official document signed by the broker and do not accept the documents provided for these purposes in the Client’s Area, please contact your Account Manager to request this report. Manual creation of a Custom report for the client is charged with a 90 EUR/GBP fee.

Note! Be aware that our account managers cannot clarify the tax requirements applicable to you. In order to clarify matters related to tax inquiries, be sure to contact the relevant legal entity.

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