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The 'Summary' module can be accessed from the upper system menu. Simply click on 'Reports' → 'Summary,' or find the module in the toolbar on the left side of the platform:


The 'Summary' module displays information concerning the account's current status. It includes positions, available funds, margin size, and available balance (NAV).


There is a separate section for each instrument type (Cash, Stocks & ETFs, Options, etc.).

Each section displays open positions, their quantity, prices, P&L (including the projected daily P&L) and other values (as presented in the image). The sections can be customised by clicking on the gear icon on the top-right corner of the module:


By default, the 'Summary' module displays data in real-time. By pressing the on the calendar


icon to adjust the timeframe of the analysis, choosing a historic period.

Note: If you hover over a price of an asset, you will see its current price and the exact time when this price was retrieved.

Tip: If you have more than 10 accounts, right-click on your account to open 'Orders'

Let's examine the top of the module


In the compact view, the header of the Summary module displays basic account information. This information encompasses all of the client's historic trading data. Alternatively, it is possible to view the same information in graphic representation by clicking on the chart icon on the top part of the module:

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