P&L Chart
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P&L Chart is a tool to visualise possible profits or losses based on price changes for underlying assets. Use it for any open position — or evaluate a trade in advance! Check if you can hedge the risks and benefit from market movements at the expiration date.


This article examines two questions:

  1. How to draw a P&L Chart for an open position

  2. How to draw a P&L Chart for a future trade

How to draw a P&L Chart for an open position?

Build the chart for any existing position right from the Portfolio or Summary modules.

In the context menu, right-click on the instrument and select P&L Chart.


The bottom axis displays the underlying price. Possible profits are above zero, losses are below.


How to draw a P&L Chart for a future trade?

Let's assume we want to trade derivatives on some of our assets.

  1. Open the Basket Traderwindow

  2. Add the underlying; leave its quantity empty

  3. Add the desired derivatives that have the same underlying asset

  4. Click P&L on the Chart icon


The green line (Position) is the same as in the asset's P&L chart:

The orange line (Basket) shows potential P&L for the instrument(s) you've added to the basket — they are also listed right in the chart for your convenience.

The purple line represents Position + Basket.


Use the P&L Chart to build complex options strategies and predict probable outcomes!

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