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EXANTE web platform lets you visualise financial data on Chart, using different time intervals, drawings, indicators, and other preferences.

Chart — Web Trade


  • Navigate in Chart by dragging it left or right.

  • Return to live data by clicking the [—>|] button at the top-left corner of the Chart module.

  • Zoom in or out by scrolling with a mouse wheel or touchpad.

Chart Preferences


You can select 1, 4 or 6 hours; 1 day; 1 week or 1 month. You can also choose a Custom timeframe in minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months.

Timeframe — Chart — Web Trade

Note! The tick data is available on the desktop platform only.


MultiChart enables you to view multiple charts simultaneously.

1. Press the square icon and choose the layout according to your needs.

Multichart Option — Chart — Web Trade

2. Drag and drop instruments. It’s possible to view one, two, three and four charts on one screen.

Multichart — Web Trade

3. The square icon will change into the one showing an appropriate layout.

Multichart Icon — Web Trade

Chart Style

Select the chart style: Candle, Bar, Colored bar, Line or Hollow candle.

Chart Style — Web Trade


Add, modify or remove indicators.

Source Option — Indicators — Web Trade


Add, modify or remove drawings.

Source Option — Drawing — Web Trade

You can also clear the drawings.

Data Source

You can choose Mid (bid/ask) or Trades.

Source Option — Chart — Web Trade

If you prefer to see Trades data by default, navigate to Settings and toggle Trades Data Priority.

Settings — Web Trade

Note! If the instrument does not support trade data, that specific menu won’t appear on the Chart panel.

Copy Link

If you want to share the Chart with someone else, copy the link right from the address bar. This link features not only the instrument you are sharing, but also the timeframe.

Source Option — Copy Link — Web Trade

If the person doesn’t have an account yet, you can also share a link to the demo Chart. Please note that the quotes in the demo are on a 30 minute delay.


Toggle the crosshair cursor on or off to view detailed info.

Source Option — Crosshair — Web Trade

Trading Activity

Show or hide completed trades and working orders.

Source Option — Trading Activity — Web Trade

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