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Price Alerts
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If you'd like to track price changes, you can set price alerts in the Price Alerts module located in the central bottom panel of the web platform.

Price Alerts Module – Web Platform

You can set up the list of alerts according to your needs by pressing the gear icon and selecting the fields you would like to see.

Customise Columns – Web Platform

How it works

A price alert notifies you when the instrument’s price satisfies a certain condition. When the condition is met, the alert status changes and a notification appears on the bottom right corner of the platform.

Price Alert Notification – Web Platform

How to set up

1. Click Add Price Alert or Create Price Alert.

Create Price Alert – Web Platform

2. A new window will appear. In the window, enter the price, choose the side (Bid, Ask, Mid) and whether the price should be lower or higher.

Create Price Alert – Web Platform

3. Press the Create button. The alert will appear in the price alerts list.

Price Alerts Module – Web Platform

Note! While an alert is active, you can edit it to your liking. If the price alert is triggered, you can repeat or remove it by choosing an appropriate action.

You can also create a price alert right from the Chart!

Chart Module – Web Platform

Use the price alerts notifications to stay abreast of the latest market trends and develop an appropriate trading strategy.

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