Price Alerts
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Do you want to track price changes? Set a price alert!

Use these alerts to keep an eye on all latest market trends and develop an appropriate trading strategy.


How do price alerts work?

Set a price alert and it will notify you when the instrument’s price satisfies a certain condition. While an alert is active, you can edit it to your liking. When the condition is met, the alert status changes and a notification appears on the bottom right corner of the platform.


How many price alerts can I set?

You can set as many alerts as you want. Manage them in the 'Price Alerts' module to prevent possible losses or gain profits!

How to create a price alert?

  1. Open the 'Price Alerts' module from the left toolbar or by selecting 'Quotes' → 'Price Alerts' from the upper system menu

  2. Choose an instrument and drag it into the 'Price Alerts' module

Alternatively, right-click any instrument to Create Price Alert via a context menu.


A window will appear:

  • Check the current instrument's quotes

  • Enter the target price

  • Choose the quote's side (Bid, Ask, or Mid)

  • Set a trigger condition (lower or higher than the target price)

  • Click Create!

By default, we suppose that you want to buy below the market and sell above the market. Are you expecting a different outcome? Just choose the condition after you have set the target price.

There are no Bid /Ask quotes in the window

We provide some of our feeds on a subscription basis. However, you still can create Price Alerts to keep track of price fluctuations – even if you haven’t paid a subscription.

Where can I view the price alerts I created?

You can always delete alerts you no longer need by:

  • Using the context menu

  • Selecting them and pressing 'Del'.

Do you want price alerts to help you see the bigger picture?

Integrate Price Alerts into your instrument. Go to Settings – Chart, and check the 'Show price alerts' box.

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