Chart settings
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To configure chart settings, open the 'Settings' menu. It is located in the upper toolbar 'Help' → 'Settings' or in the bottom left corner of the application, in the toolbar.


The Chart tab contains settings for charts that will be applied by default to newly-opened charts.


Please note that the listed settings will not affect charts that are already open (you can manage them directly in the Chart module).

Set up your own default collection of indicators by clicking on the ‘Configure’ button in Chart settings:


Tuning other Chart settings allows setting up default quote chart layout, including:

  • Aggregation interval – 'Timeframe' (ticks, minutes, hours, days, etc.)

  • Source (data on bid/ask or trades and volumes)

  • Chart style (candlesticks, OHLC bars or lines)

  • Drawing color

Besides that, you can configure the way your charts look. Choose whether you want to:

  • Show orders

  • Show trades

  • Show position and average price

  • Show price alerts

  • Show vertical cursor line

  • Show horizontal cursor line

  • Hide gaps (hide inactive trading periods, like holidays, etc.)

  • Show drawings on all scales

  • Display Bid/Ask Chart Mode

  • Use Anti-Aliasing

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