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Account Performance Report
Account Performance Report
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Account Performance Report shows infographics on the performance of your account on a periodic basis.

In order to access it, visit your Client's Area on the EXANTE website, go to the Reports tab and choose Account Performance Report.

Select the currency and a predefined time period or set up custom report dates, to receive the report on a regular basis.


Click a metric’s title to view the detailed information in a new tab. We use cross-rates for the end of the report time period to calculate metrics in the basic currency (e.g. converted volume). If any metric is inapplicable to the time period, it won’t be listed below.

  • If you wish to display a different metric, click on the symbol on the top right corner of the table.

  • If you wish to change the sorting order, click on the title of the column.

  • All metrics are shown in the asset’s base currency unless explicitly stated otherwise.


It is possible to analyse your performance based on the following criteria:

  • Symbol displays your active market positions

  • Turnover displays the monetary value of your exposure in different markets

  • Net Profit & Loss reflects your total earnings (P&L excluding all operating costs, fees and commissions, and so on) for the time period

  • Profit & Loss shows your total profits (positive sum) or losses (negative sum) for the time period (displayed either in percentage terms or as nominal currency)

  • Dividends are set by the stock-issuing companies and are subject to change. Please contact the issuer for detailed info on dividends

  • Minimum / Maximum P&L indicates the minimum/maximum daily P&L for the time period

  • Fundings / Withdrawals shows your total funding amount (positive sum) or withdrawals (negative sum) for the time period

  • Currency-based adjustment indicates how your total portfolio value changed due to basic currency price drop or growth for the time period

  • Currency turnover indicates the total turnover by the symbol in its quantity (e.g. how many units you bought or sold). It is always non-negative.

  • Rebates indicate the aggregate sum of all rebates you have got for the report time period

  • Free money premium is an optional bonus obtained for a positive account balance

  • Coupon payment rates and dates are set by the bond-issuing company and are subject to change.

  • Converted volumes for currencies show their volume adjusted to the basic currency. We use cross-rates for the end of the report time period when calculating converted volumes

  • 'Other’ metric contains all the other transaction types (e.g. accrued interest, expired contracts exercise fee, and so on).



Daily Profit & Loss chart reflects the daily P&L change. The daily values can be seen in a table by scrolling through the chart (2020-10-14). If Daily P&L is positive you've earned a profit; otherwise it is a loss. Gross P&L indicates your P&L compared to the balance at the beginning of the reporting period (e.g. cumulative P&L).


Note! Please note that all reports are indicative and can not be used as a basis for tax calculation.

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