Bond Screener
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Bond Screener is a powerful comparison tool that allows you to find bonds and filter them by several parameters at once. Open it by clicking on InstrumentsBond Screener from the top menu or by selecting it from the left toolbar.


You can quickly find a specific bond by its name (ticker), description or ISIN, as well as screen up to 300 bonds from the same window. If you have found too many bonds, a hint will suggest you narrow down the search criteria.


Customise the search results

  • Add more filters: click on the Filters button in the header of the column to add or remove search criteria.

  • Add and hide columns: click on the gear


    icon at the right part next to the column headers (there are more than 30 different criteria to display).

  • Filter data within the columns: click on the header of the column — another click will change the sorting order.


Put search results into action

Hold the cmd button and click on all instruments of choice. Then right-click on the selected instruments:

  • Add them to the Watchlists module and follow their price development

  • Open detailed Instrument Info

  • Open selected instruments in the Chart module. You can also drag and drop a bond to the Chart.

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