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Organised in a tree-like structure, all available Instruments are gathered and grouped by type. Press Ctrl+I to get there in a snap!


Alternatively, open the module by clicking on 'Instruments' on the left toolbar:


No matter your preference, check which instruments you’d like to view by clicking the coloured icon. The filter


icon controls visibility of recently expired instruments (derivatives mostly) and non-tradables. If you filter anything out, you will see both the visible and total count of available instruments.


Note: The search omits hidden instruments.

If you aren’t sure what you prefer to trade, navigate the tree by expanding its branches. Use keyboard arrows to navigate, expand or contract the instrument tree, or press Tab to return to the Search field.

Hint: Want to collapse the tree back to its original form? Click the folder



If you know what you’re looking for, type in a few letters from the instrument’s name, ticker, Exchange, ISIN or FIGI. The results will pop up on the screen right away.


When you find an instrument, you can proceed in a variety of different ways. Bring out the context menu, double-click to evoke the default action, or drag the instrument and drop it to another module. Right-click on the instrument to open the drop-down menu:


Hint: Want to choose a bond to invest in? Try out the dedicated Bond Screener module.

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