Margin Report
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The 'Margin Report' module can be accessed from the upper system menu, by clicking on 'Reports' → 'Margin Reports.' Alternatively, it can be found in the toolbar on the left side of the platform:


Margin Report is the simplest way to track your margin utilisation, for every account. The 'Margin Report' module can be displayed in two ways.

Collapsed view:


Expanded view:


The compact 'Margin Report' module displays only the most essential information:

  • Total Account Value (including available cash, as well as the current market value of owned instruments)

  • Daily P&L for the selected account

  • Available funds (amount of cash available for trading)

  • Money Used for Margin to cover your positions

  • Position Margin for currently active orders

Want to examine a different account? Click on it to bring up the info!

The 'Margin Report' module updates in real-time. If there’s a delay in retrieving the data, you'll see a warning:


The extended 'Margin Report' appears when you drop the module into the middle section of the desktop platform.

In addition to all aforementioned data, it also displays detailed information concerning every instrument used on the account. In order to add or remove columns, click on the gear


icon on the top-right corner of the module. It is possible to include the following data in your Margin report:

  • Margin Type - Margin or Discount

  • Underlying - empty if inapplicable

  • CCY - the default currency of the instrument

  • Assets - the name of the instrument

  • Position Margin - for both the instrument and default currency

  • Order Margin and Concentration Margin - for both the instrument and the default currency

  • For Options, the expanded window also incorporates the possibility of displaying greeks

  • You can also choose between Packing all columns in the window, or enabling a Horizontal scroll


By default, the 'Margin report' module displays real-time data (like in Summary). Click on the calendar


icon to select a custom period.


Tip: If you have more than 10 accounts, right-click on your account to open the 'Orders' module

Want to compare margin utilisation of your accounts? Visit Summary!

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