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To configure the EXANTE trading platform, open the 'Settings' menu. It is located in the bottom left corner of the application, in the toolbar:


Alternatively, it is possible to open the 'Settings' menu from the top toolbar, by clicking on 'Help' and selecting 'Settings' from the menu:


General tab allows you to choose the language of the platform.

You can change the language by clicking ‘Settings’ on the right side of the top toolbar > ‘General’ > ‘Language’. Choose between: English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Thai or ‘Auto’. ‘Auto’ means that the language of the platform will be the same as the language of your operating system.

You can also change the default currency by clicking on ‘Displayed Currency'. Choose between the following currencies: EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, GBP, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, PLN, RUB, SEK, SGD, TRY or ZAR.


You can also select the default action that is performed when you double-click on an instrument in the Instrument tree. Choose between:

  • Chart (opens the instrument chart),

  • Click-Trade (opens the instrument in the Click-Trade module),

  • Order (creates an order for the instrument),

  • Basket Trader (adds the instrument to the Basket Trader module),

  • Market Depth (adds the instrument to the Market Depth module),

  • Watchlists (adds the instrument to the Quote Monitor module),

  • Option Board (available only for options, adds the instrument to the Option Board),

  • Time & Sales (opens the history of the completed orders for the instrument),

  • Instrument Info (displays instrument information),

  • Copy Instrument (copies the abbreviated name of the instrument).

You can also set your default time zone if it differs from automatic computer setup.

Additionally it is possible to choose the:

Color scheme - set the color scheme of the desktop platform. It is possible to pick either a light or a dark theme.

Show order confirmations - tick this option in order to receive notifications upon completed orders.

Highlight active modules - if you tick this box, every time you select a module from the top toolbar or dropdown menu that is already open, the active module will light up indicating that it is already active.

Show tips at startup - if you tick this option, you will automatically see a new technical tip about how to use the platform every time you log in to the platform. Show side toolbar - if you tick this option, the side toolbar will automatically appear and it will be present every time upon opening the platform.

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