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Place orders one by one via the Order panel:

  • Select the order type from the dropdown menu

  • Select the preferred duration

  • Fill in the desired quantity

  • Fill in the price (for any order type other than Market) and stop price if necessary

  • Sell’ or ‘Buy

You may also want to place Take Profit or Stop Loss (or both) together with the main order to limit your losses or secure profits. Do so right here, in the same Order panel.

Note! If an order is forbidden, some restrictions might apply (e.g., if an instrument doesn’t support Stop orders, you won’t be able to place a Stop Loss order for it).

It is easy to see how the order affects your margin utilisation. Hover the cursor on the ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ buttons and observe how the coloured stripe right above the bid/spread/ask figures changes. Blue indicates money Used for margin, while grey stands for Order margin.

The exact value of Margin Δ can be seen in Order Details, the order value, and the trading fee. If you have an open position (short or long) or active orders on the instrument, you will also see them here.

Hint: Willing to place multiple subsequent orders? Take a look at EXANTE’s automation opportunities!

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