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General Information

The Watchlists module provides real-time data quote streams. Drag and drop up to 100 instruments to the module and keep track of their dynamics!

Watchlists Web Platform

Watchlists collects all essential data on a trading session:

  • instrument name and description,

  • bid/ask/mid prices and bid/ask sizes,

  • last quote update time,

  • price changes in absolute and percentage terms, and

  • quote feed status.

Hint: Click the gear sign at the top of a panel to choose what columns you want to see in the module.

Column Picker Watchlists Web Platform


You can select the themes to follow in the left-hand drop-down menu.

Themes Picker Watchlists Web Platform

The selection includes the largest companies working in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. In recent years, the demand for these companies' solutions has been growing in such sectors as the industrial, defence and service sectors.

Available themes



Artificial Intelligence

The selection includes the largest companies working in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. In recent years, the demand for these companies' solutions has been growing in such sectors as the industrial, defence and service sectors.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage stocks belong to the group of defensive stocks representing industries that have mature, consistent revenue streams and exhibit consistent demand, irrespective of market conditions.


The agricultural sector provides agricultural commodities, such as wheat, rice and barley, sugar, soybeans, and more. Other companies in this sector produce fertilisers, processed and packaged foods, and agricultural machinery. This sector will likely become increasingly more important and more volatile due to climate change bringing about an increase in the incidence and intensity of extreme heat waves, droughts, floods and changing weather patterns.

US Value Stocks

Value stocks are stocks of companies with established businesses that have been on the market for a long time. Most often, these companies have already reached a plateau of stable operating performance. Such stocks can outperform growth stocks during a period of high inflation due to the simplicity of business and good dividends.


ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. This selection represents financial instruments that focus on longer term sustainability issues and consider non-financial factors that can pose material risks to a portfolio in the form of environmental risk, social risk and governance risk. ESG metrics and considerations are not commonly part of mandatory financial reporting, though companies are increasingly making disclosures in their annual report or in standalone sustainability reports.

Women Friendly Companies

Firms having more greater representations of female leadership have a tendency to outperform the market, as well as champion increased productivity and greater innovation. Women Friendly Companies represents a list of businesses that champion gender diversity and equal access to opportunity. These companies tend to be women-led, have a higher than average percentage of women on the board, and/or are women founded companies.

Metals and Mining

The Metals and Mining selection includes a combined list of companies engaged in the exploration and extraction of metal and mineral reserves around the world as well as derivative instruments for metal commodities such as gold, silver, aluminium, copper, etc. Mining products may also be used as inputs into other sectors and businesses often seek to hedge their input costs by purchasing forward contracts, etc. In an environment of growing inflation, investors often turn to traditional stores of value, such as gold, as a hedge against geopolitical risk and the devaluation of national currencies.

Renewable Energy

This selection gathers global clean energy-related businesses that are concerned with both storing and producing energy from such sources as solar energy, wind, geothermal, wave, hydrogen, and more.

Oil Industry

This selection includes the strongest oil companies with established businesses that can fill the energy shortage that has arisen in Europe.


The healthcare and healthcare providers selection comprises a list of the sector's outperformers. With ageing populations across the G7 economies, the healthcare sector should be expected to grow. In the US alone, health spending amounted to 19.7% of US GDP in 2022.


Pharmaceuticals are considered to be non-cyclical; they often outperform the market, particularly during economic slowdowns. There is consistent demand for pharmaceuticals, especially with ageing populations.

Technology Stocks

Technology stocks focus on a selection of the largest US tech companies by market capitalisation, providing an insight into the quickly evolving tech landscape by tracking the sector's mega caps.

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