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The “Help” window is located in the bottom left corner of the application, in the toolbar on the left side of the platform:


It includes links to the User Manual, FAQ and Client's Area. It displays contact information for reaching the Support team.


If you're eager to learn more about the platform, access Tip of the Day from the “Help” window.

Open the log – a shortcut to access the log folder on the device and see detailed activity history, for every time you have logged into the system.

Save userdir – User directory or “userdir” combines all relevant information regarding the settings of your particular EXANTE desktop platform. Save it to reset your profile from a different device.


Release notes – aggregates all most recent platform updates, describing the changes that have been made.

VM settings – virtual machine settings enable creating and assigning hardware, software, network, and peripheral devices, and other resources to the platform.

Third-party software licenses – Depository of third-party software licenses.

Terms of Use of the Online Facility – aggregation of Exante trading platform's Terms of Use

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