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Open the 'Time & Sales' module by clicking on 'Quotes' → 'Time & Sales' in the upper system toolbar.


Alternatively, click on the 'Time & Sales' icon in the left toolbar:


What is 'Time & Sales'?

The 'Time & Sales' module displays information concerning completed trades for chosen instruments, all in real-time. In contrast, 'Market Depth' provides information on all outstanding orders. Together these modules provide an exhaustive overview of current market conditions.

Time & Sales gives investors a clear insight into the asset’s supply and demand, as well as allowing users to spot the behaviour of high-volume securities traders. Use the 'Time & Sales' module to make data-driven decisions!


Every line represents real-time tick-by-tick data, delivered by the exchange:

  • Trade timestamp- what time the order took place

  • Price - the cost of one instrument

  • Size - the amount of instruments that were traded

  • Trade side (if available) - indicating the purchase or sale of an asset

The most recent trades are always on top. The rest are arranged by time, in descending order.

The information is color-coded for your convenience, and you can easily filter the data to your liking. Want to hide all irrelevant trades, e.g. sized 1,000 or below? Here you go!


Note! Not every exchange provides trade side data, and not every asset has trade data.

You can copy available data for your analyses, and paste it anywhere you choose. Alternatively, you can Export straight to Microsoft Excel™. To do so, just click the button:

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