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You can find the “Order” module on the left side toolbar of your desktop platform or in the upper system toolbar by clicking “Trading” → “Order”.


In addition to the Click-Trade module, the application also offers the regular Order interface where you can specify the order type, period when the order should be filled (Day, GTC, IOC, FOK, ATO, ATC, depending on instrument type and market), quantity and closing price, as well as the order side (buy or sell).

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You can switch to a less detailed trading option by selecting the “Click-Trade” module. Just click on the icon


in the top-right corner of the module.

The “Order” module allows you to place TP/SL orders and shows projected fees and margins, just like the “Click-Trade” module.

Once you indicate the desired price or quantity of shares, the bottom rectangle will automatically calculate the value of the trade, its fee and the estimated margin.

The estimated margin of an order represents the estimation of the overall portfolio margin for the account after placing the order. The estimation factors in:

  • Margin of all open positions;

  • Margin of all active orders including commissions;

  • Margin required for a new order including commissions;

If the estimated margin goes over margin limits, you will be unable to place the order.

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