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MAT – Multi-Account Trading
MAT – Multi-Account Trading
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The “Multi-Account Trading” module can be found in the toolbar on the left side of your desktop platform, as well as in the upper toolbar “Trading” → “MAT”:


Note: the module can be accessed only if you manage more than one account.

MAT allows you to place orders for a chosen financial instrument on several accounts, saving time for implementation of various strategies or handling clients’ accounts.


The “Multi-Account Trading” module shows accounts used for buying/selling the instrument, net asset value, margin utilisation, free money, value and allocation. Allocation shows each account's proportion to the asset purchasing and is calculated automatically. The trading amount per account may be set manually or allocated according to one of the chosen methods.

Let's have a look at the settings!


The “Multi-Account Trading” module is extremely easy to use. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the MAT module via a toolbar. Choose a financial instrument you would like to trade and drag and drop it to the MAT tab.

  1. Add the accounts you would like to use for trading.

  2. Enter their “total quantity” to indicate the overall amount traded, and that will be split among the accounts, or duplicate the “quantity” for each account separately.

  3. Select one of the allocation methods:

  • Equally – “total quantity” is divided in the same proportion between the accounts.

  • NAV – “total quantity” is divided among the accounts proportionally to their NAV.

  • Free money – “total quantity” is split between accounts proportionally to their free money. Free money reflects the amount of cash, reflected on the client's account, which hasn't been used for investment

  • Position – an opened position quantity will be substituted next to every account (if any).

  • Allocation – lets you set allocation in percentages. Please note that the total allocation might exceed 100% or be less than 100%.

The obtained result from any of the above options can also be adjusted manually.

  1. Verify the effective quantity. There might be a case where “effective quantity” and “total quantity” differ. For example, you have three accounts in the MAT module, and you want to enter the trade with 100 stocks. By selecting “equally” as a split option, you will have 33 stocks per account. Thus, the effective QTY will be 99.

  2. Select the order parameters such as order type, order duration, price and stop price.

  3. Click the “Buy” (or “Sell”) button to place the orders. By doing so, you will place a separate order for each of the accounts.

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