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Technical execution of trades
Technical execution of trades
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EXANTE’s priority is to guarantee transparency and reliability for our clients worldwide.

We work with a multitude of partners, diversifying suppliers across different markets and groups of assets. Our partner list is steadily growing as we strive to ensure the most efficient and reliable connection to any given market. We put all the transactions directly to exchanges with the STP model of a broker.

EXANTE works with major European banks. When it comes to clearing, we rely on Tier 1 liquidity providers. For each ticker we ensure at least 2 counter-parties in order to always ensure non-stop execution of trades - even in case of malfunctions or other unpredictable events. As for commodities trading, these deals are executed directly at the corresponding exchanges.

The commissions are transparently provided in the EXANTE platform and Client's Area for all clients who have passed the verification process.

Infrastructure is a vital part of our business. We continuously improve the EXANTE infrastructure to deliver a high-performance trading experience to our clients worldwide.

In case you are eager to obtain any supporting information with respect to our execution counterparts, feel free to contact your personal manager for a consultation.

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