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Why can’t I enter LIVE trading?
Why can’t I enter LIVE trading?
Updated over a week ago

Please keep in mind that credentials for the Client’s Area on are the same, whether you have a LIVE or DEMO account.

To enter the LIVE trading area on the EXANTE desktop, mobile or web platform, please make sure you meet the following conditions:

  • Your account is verified: you have uploaded the documents in your Client’s Area and got approval from EXANTE.

  • Your account is funded and you satisfy the minimum deposit requirements.

If you failed to meet any of the conditions, the platform will display the following message:


You will still be able to use the DEMO account. If you have any problems entering the DEMO account, and you see the following message:


Try resetting the password by clicking on 'Forget password?'

If you’ve met the requirements for a LIVE account and you've registered for a DEMO account, yet you still can’t enter the platform, please contact [email protected].

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