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What is margin call?
Updated over a week ago

A margin call occurs when the total value of your account (Cash Balances + Total Trades Value) falls below the required margin. This happens when your Margin Utilization exceeds 100%. When this occurs, you won't be able to open new positions unless they serve to hedge the risk of existing ones.

You can easily monitor your Margin Utilization level in your EXANTE account on:

  • Client’s Area “Account Summary” for your account

  • “Margin Report” on the EXANTE trading platform (from Web, desktop, and mobile versions for both Live and Demo accounts)

If your margin utilization exceeds 100%, you'll violate margin requirements, giving EXANTE the right to reduce or completely liquidate open positions at any time. However, positions won't be immediately liquidated if their risk level is below the threshold set by the risk management department.

We will send Margin Call notifications to your registered email address. It's your responsibility to ensure you have enough funds to cover the margin requirements for your open positions.

You have two options to cover a Margin Call:

  1. Sending additional funds (cash or marginable securities)

  2. Reducing your position

If you decide to cover your Margin Call by depositing additional funds, just send us the SWIFT transfer confirmation to [email protected]. Similarly, if you need more time to close a position before it's automatically liquidated, contact us with the necessary details.

Failing to promptly address a Margin Call may lead to EXANTE manually closing positions, which could result in a 90 EUR/GBP fee.

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