API for automated trading
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Yes, we offer an API for algorithmic trading and quotes monitoring. Our API is based on the most common protocol for the market, FIX 4.4. Our FIX connection enables obtaining market data and executing trades also via another trading tool.

Our FIX bridge:

  • Gives access to all markets available to you

  • Allows you to obtain normalized data from all exchanges

  • Enables execution

All transferred data are encrypted.

Please note that, unlike many other similar offers, our solution allows you to monitor all account activity in the EXANTE trading platform interface out-of-the-box, as well as through your own tools using API requests. Please note, however, that orders made from the trading platform interface cannot be watched via FIX.

Want to set up a FIX connection? Click here. To get credentials to DEMO FIX, feel free to contact your Account Manager.

You can also use our HTTP API – a mix of HTTP REST and HTTP streaming API, providing access to both live and historical quotes, as well as the data on account summaries, orders, trades, and transactions.

Use our HTTP API to design sleek, fast and data-rich financial apps. From smart messenger bots and option strategy advisors to market analysis mobile apps, websites with stock tickers and wholesale trading solutions. Build next-generation applications, feed your trading strategies, and visualize market quotes — all by tapping into the ultimate market data source.

How does it work?

  • Sign in on the Client’s Area using your existing EXANTE account or register a new one.

  • Open the Dashboard to get your credentials: Demo and Live identifiers and access keys.

  • Authenticate and connect.

  • Request Market data, check Trades and Transactions, or manage Orders, using standard HTTP methods.

To evaluate the EXANTE HTTP API, please visit the Client’s Area.

How much does it cost?

FIX and WEB API accesses are free of charge. Before requesting access to LIVE FIX or WEB API, note that this service is available only for clients with account value higher than 50,000 EUR/GBP or other currency equivalent.

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