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Joint accounts
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EXANTE clients have the opportunity to use joint accounts, namely, one account overseeing multiple individual accounts that have completed the KYC examination. In order to open a joint account, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Individual Account for each user of the Joint Account. All Joint Account users must pass the compliance test.

  2. Create a Joint Account under a new email address, the Joint Account should contain names of all individual clients who will sign the Joint Account Agreement.

  3. Client or the Account Manager should upload POI (proof of identity) and POR (proof of residency) documents of all individual clients participating in the Joint Account

  4. Client or the Account manager should upload a signed Joint Account agreement, to their profile

In order to fund your joint account

Scenario 1. Fund one of the individual accounts → request a transfer to the joint account by filling and submitting a form provided by the Account Manager.

Scenario 2. Fund your joint account directly from one of the Joint Account users' accounts.

What are the restrictions for opening a joint account?

  • One person cannot sign more than one Joint Account Agreement under one Legal Entity

  • Service is available only for individual accounts

  • Maximum 4 Individual clients can participate in a single Joint Account

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