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Explanation of service fees
Explanation of service fees
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Having an account with EXANTE is always free — regardless of funds added and instruments used. That said, you do need to keep in mind several service fees when executing your trades:

  • Withdrawal fee: The fee is 30 EUR/GBP or an equivalent amount depending on the withdrawn currency. The fee applies every time you withdraw funds from your EXANTE trading account.

  • Inactivity fee: An inactivity fee of 50 EUR per month will be charged to your trading account if it has a positive balance of less than EUR 5,000, has no open positions and no active orders, and if you haven’t performed any trades for the past 90 days (3 months). The inactivity fee will be charged upon the lapse of 90 days (3 months) from the last trade transaction date. The inactivity fee applies to the entire account and not to a particular subaccount, meaning, in case of multiple subaccounts, all of them should be inactive as per the conditions above for the inactivity fee to be applied.

Please find more information on the EXANTE trading fees.

Note! Remember that some charges may arise before the money reaches your EXANTE account. These charges may be applied by an issuing intermediary and beneficiary bank that processes wire transfers. Please contact your bank if you are unclear about transfer costs.

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